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9 minutes ago 147538 flag India Elite 5228ms
12 minutes ago 267928 flag United States of America Elite 4923ms
12 minutes ago 202019 flag Canada Elite 1493ms
12 minutes ago 4369 flag Germany Transparent 5195ms
12 minutes ago 148531 flag Canada Elite 692ms
13 minutes ago 32898 flag Indonesia Transparent 4969ms
13 minutes ago 32896 flag Brazil Transparent 4110ms
13 minutes ago 16469 flag Canada Elite 831ms
13 minutes ago 128 flag United States of America Elite 1294ms
13 minutes ago 34952 flag Russian Federation Elite 988ms
13 minutes ago 128 flag South Korea Elite 1214ms
13 minutes ago 32768 flag Tunisia Anonymous 602ms
13 minutes ago 128 flag Germany Elite 2496ms
13 minutes ago 32896 flag Argentina Elite 1605ms
13 minutes ago 128 flag United States of America Transparent 938ms
13 minutes ago 2457 flag Puerto Rico Transparent 2700ms
13 minutes ago 32896 flag Cambodia Elite 1296ms
13 minutes ago 196642 flag Brazil Elite 4174ms
13 minutes ago 70247 flag Canada Elite 519ms
13 minutes ago 266840 flag Russian Federation Elite 3903ms
13 minutes ago 129 flag Armenia Transparent 3510ms
13 minutes ago 32896 flag African Union Elite 1391ms
13 minutes ago 32896 flag United States of America Transparent 6293ms
13 minutes ago 12584 flag United States of America Anonymous 587ms
13 minutes ago 98432 flag Hungary Transparent 982ms
13 minutes ago 32896 flag Cambodia Elite 1670ms
13 minutes ago 2457 flag Honduras Transparent 3111ms
13 minutes ago 32896 flag African Union Elite 1451ms
13 minutes ago 32896 flag India Elite 1321ms
13 minutes ago 32896 flag African Union Elite 1379ms
13 minutes ago 12584 flag Canada Transparent 647ms
13 minutes ago 128 flag Russian Federation Elite 1599ms
13 minutes ago 32896 flag African Union Elite 1311ms
13 minutes ago 12584 flag Germany Transparent 867ms
13 minutes ago 24576 flag China Elite 2707ms

Whether you want to access geo-restricted content, protect your identity, or ensure anonymous browsing, using a proxy server can be a valuable solution. However, finding reliable proxies can be a daunting task. This is where a Free Proxy List tool comes to the rescue.

What Is a Free Proxy List Tool?

A Free Proxy List tool is an online resource that provides users with a list of proxy servers they can use for various purposes. These tools offer valuable information about each proxy, such as:

  1. Last Update: Knowing the last update of a proxy server is crucial. It ensures that you are using up-to-date proxies that are less likely to be blocked or compromised.
  2. IP Address: The IP address is the unique identifier of a proxy server. It allows you to route your internet traffic through a different location, enhancing your online privacy.
  3. Port: Each proxy server operates on a specific port number. Understanding the port is essential for configuring your browser or software to use the proxy correctly.
  4. Country: Proxies are available in different countries, allowing you to access region-specific content or websites blocked in your location.
  5. Anonymity Level: Anonymity levels vary among proxies. Some provide high anonymity, concealing your IP address effectively, while others offer low anonymity.
  6. Response Times: Response times indicate how quickly a proxy server can handle your requests. Faster response times lead to a smoother browsing experience.

How to Use a Free Proxy List Tool

Step1: Visit the Free Proxy List tool website currently you are on same page.

Step2: The tool presents the proxy list in a table format, making it easy to scan and compare the available proxies.

Step3: You can click Refresh button for latest updates.

Step4: Download Proxy List by clicking Export button.

Ensuring Optimal Performance and Reliability in Free Proxy List Tools

The performance and reliability of free proxy list tools play a pivotal role in determining the effectiveness of online security measures. Users must prioritize tools that offer high-speed connectivity, reliable server networks, and robust encryption protocols. By selecting tools that ensure optimal performance and reliability, users can safeguard their online activities and sensitive information with confidence and peace of mind.

Choosing the Right Free Proxy List Tool for Specific Privacy Needs

With a plethora of free proxy list tools available, selecting the most suitable option for specific privacy needs can be a daunting task. Users must consider various factors, including server locations, encryption standards, and user reviews, to make informed decisions. By choosing the right free proxy list tool that aligns with their specific requirements, users can optimize their online security measures and enjoy a seamless and secure browsing experience.


In a world where online privacy is increasingly important, a Free Proxy List tool is a valuable asset. It simplifies the process of finding and using proxies, enhancing your online security and enabling access to geo-restricted content.


Q1. What is the difference between high and low anonymity proxies?
A1. High anonymity proxies conceal your IP address effectively, making it challenging for websites to detect your real location. Low anonymity proxies may reveal your IP address to some extent.

Q2. Can I use a proxy for torrenting?
A2. Yes, you can use a proxy for torrenting to hide your IP address from other users on the network. However, it's essential to choose a high anonymity proxy for this purpose.

Q3. Are free proxies safe to use?
A3. Free proxies can be safe if you choose reliable sources. However, some free proxies may pose security risks. It's crucial to use reputable Free Proxy List tools to minimize these risks.

Q4. Do I need technical knowledge to use a proxy?
A4. While basic technical knowledge is helpful, most Free Proxy List tools provide straightforward instructions for configuring proxies. It's accessible for both beginners and advanced users.

Q5. How often should I update my proxy settings?
A5. It's advisable to check for updated proxies regularly, as the effectiveness of a proxy can diminish over time. Aim to update your settings at least once a week for optimal results.




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