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Generate favicon for your website by any image. This tool converts any PNG, JPEG or GIF into ICO file Which can be used in website, PC or mobile application. Following image shows how web browser display favicon of website.

PNG, JPEG, JPG, GIF Images should have a maximum size of 2Mb.

A favicon is a tiny icon displayed on a web browser's tab, next to the website's title. It may seem insignificant, but it can leave a lasting impression on your visitors. In this article, we'll explore the Favicon Generator Tool – a 100% free online utility that simplifies the creation of these small yet impactful icons.

Understanding the Significance of Favicons

  1. Brand Recognition: Favicons reinforce your brand identity, making it easier for visitors to recognize your website.
  2. Professionalism: A well-designed favicon adds a touch of professionalism to your site, enhancing its overall appearance.
  3. User Experience: Favicons improve user experience by helping visitors quickly identify and navigate your website in a cluttered browser.

How Favicon Generator Tool works?

The Favicon Generator Tool provides an easy and intuitive way to create favicons:

Step1: Upload Image: Select an image with a maximum size of 2MB that you want to use as a favicon.

Step2: Choose Dimensions: Pick from various dimensions, such as 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, or 64x64 pixels.

Step3: Generate Favicon: Click the 'Create Favicon' button, and the tool will instantly convert your image into a favicon.

Step4: Download: Download the newly created favicon and effortlessly add it to your website.

Advantages of Using the Favicon Generator Tool

  1. Brand Consistency: Ensure brand consistency by incorporating your logo or brand icon into your website's favicon.
  2. Enhanced User Experience: Improve user experience by making it easier for visitors to identify and remember your website.
  3. Professionalism: Add a touch of professionalism to your website's appearance, making it more appealing to your target audience.
  4. Simplicity: The tool's user-friendly interface ensures that favicon creation is a straightforward and hassle-free process.


In the competitive digital landscape, every detail counts when it comes to setting your website apart. The Favicon Generator Tool empowers website owners, designers, and developers to create eye-catching and memorable favicons effortlessly.

Whether you're establishing your brand identity, enhancing user experience, or simply giving your website a professional touch, this free tool is your gateway to creating tiny yet impactful icons that leave a lasting impression.


Q1. Is the Favicon Generator Tool completely free to use?
A1. Yes, the tool is 100% free and does not require any payments or subscriptions.

Q2. What image formats are supported for uploading?
A2. The tool supports a variety of image formats, including JPEG, JPG, PNG, and GIF.

Q3. Can I create favicons in custom dimensions?
A3. Currently, the tool offers standard favicon dimensions, but you can resize your image before uploading it for a custom favicon.

Q4. How quickly can I generate a favicon using this tool?
A4. The tool generates favicons in seconds, providing quick results for your website.






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